Only professionalism and efficiency in CM Ingeniería y Proyectos Eléctricos S.A. of C.V.

We are a team of electrical engineers in Mexicali, Baja California, specialists in the development of projects, construction and maintenance of electrical installations and renewable energies.

In CM Ingeniería y Proyectos Eléctricos S.A. de C.V., we develop electrical installations in high and low voltage.

We are pioneer electrical engineers in the implementation of renewable, solar and wind energy. We also have emergency plants, generating backup energy of up to 2000 kw.

We know the importance of optimizing the construction and / or efficiency of the operation of your facilities, for that reason our task is to handle them with full responsibility, because we know that this factor has a considerable influence on decision making.

We have LAPEM and CFE certifications

For 25 years, as electrical engineers we have developed the most complete projects in the industry, for areas such as planning, design, construction, installation and maintenance, with strict adherence and compliance with current regulations.

We have the necessary experience to carry out any operation efficiently in the electrical an renewable energy facilities that we are entrusted with, emphasizing the control and protection aspects, as well as in the coordination of adjustments that allow the reliability and operation of its facilities.

We are leaders in the electrical engineering sector in Mexicali, we support the industry or companies in the energy and electromechanical sector, with emergency electric generators and we implement solar energy projects to optimize their operation.
We specialize in:
Project, construction and maintenance of industrial electrical installations in high and low voltage.

Installing security and Reliability
  • Maintenance and construction of power and industrial power substations
  • Analysis of electrical systems using software
  • Alternatives for energy saving and demand control
  • Protection systems for equipment, computer networks and production lines.
  • Manufacture of protection boards
  • Control and measurement for substations and transmission lines
  • Thermography tests
  • Development of studies in alternative energies
  • Solar energy systems
  • Integration and development of renewable energie
  • Sale and rental of emergency generator
  • Electrical installation
  • Electrical projects
  • Electric generators
  • Emergency plants
  • Light plants
  • Electric design
  • Energy analysis
  • Substations
  • Transformers
  • Lines of transmission
  • Underground networks
  • High, medium and low voltaje
  • Electric work
  • Civil work
  • Renewable energy
  • Backup power up to 2000 kw.
  • Solar energy
  • Wind power
  • Clean energ
  • Solar panels
  • Power circuits
  • Capacitor Banks
  • Lighting and lightin
  • Lighting rod
  • Current motors
  • Industrial constructions
  • Backup equipment
  • Automation and electrical control
  • Electrical drawings and diagrams
  • Land syste
  • CFE procedures
  • Facilities in accordance with the Official Mexican Standard.
  • Energy consulting
  • Electrical protection
  • Energy efficiency
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